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Facilitated Lateral Learning Networks

Interactive learning environments call for fresh ways of thinking about sites of learning, tools for learning, social interactions and learning trajectories. Interactive networks can make a substantial contribution to the creation of innovative, future-focused learning environments.

Akoranga O Naenae

Blog Link http://aonteachers.blogspot.co.nz/ Learning Map group in Naenae. Akoranga o Naenae: A passionate learning team in an innovative learning environment. See how one group of students, families and teachers are making the Learning Maps come alive. Here is there latest blog. Find more here http://aonteachers.blogspot.co.nz/  They also have a twitter account  @akoonaeane Excitable Educators Planning […]

No School is an Island

“No School is an Island Fostering Collaboration in a Competitive System” Rose Paterson (The New Zealand Initiative) No School is an Island is the story of a New Zealand model of this kind called Learning and Change Networks (LCN), where schools have banded together as networks to collaborate with each other.   [The LCN strategy] […]


The need is to energise and excite priority learners and their whānau into addressing challenges in their learning through shared construction of and cooperation in the completion of the learning pathway.  Mapping empowers priority students to engage in the student led conference concept and allows whānau to appreciate and support the student’s learner challenge. Teachers need […]