3.  Future-focused Leadership

We support groups of school leaders and boards of trustees to assess the extent to which they are moving from past to future-focused mind-sets and practices. Interested? Contact info@infinitylearn.org

Activity Popular times Cost + GST
A single session for school principal and/or board of trustees Twilight leadership or BoT meeting @$400.00 + GST  per session
Leaders that use Infinity services will be invited to join a series of 2-day collegial learning tours starting in NZ and Australia.  The tour series is about getting connected, pushing the boundaries of your learning and collegial support, critique and challenge.  Tours will branch out to other jurisdictions as powerful connections form. Infinity Learning Tour will commence in 2016 and go through to 2018.  We plan to have two tours per year one in winter and one in summer.  Interested? Contact info@infinitylearn.org @$500.00 + GST

enrolment per Learning Tour (participants pay travel, accommodation & daily expenses)


“Learning and Change Networks (LCN) has opened our eyes to doing things differently. Processes are less hierarchical – we are working with participants in teams and looking for unity in change. Membership has been consistent and we anticipate expanding leadership to increase buy in.  We have moved beyond a group of principals and we have a shared understanding…” (LCN Network leader, New Zealand).  

“One of the most striking features of LCN is how facilitators cross-pollinate knowledge from network to network in a way that activates “lateral learning within and between LCN networks… new networks benefit from cutting-edge facilitation based on learning from the other networking arrangements” (No School an Island, 2014).