About Infinity Learn

Infinity Learn Limited is a new and exciting company led by consultants Brian Annan and Mary Wootton with expert support from our experienced and successful Affiliates.

Many schools and communities are looking for creative ways to engage children and young adults into learning in the modern world. We have the design and facilitation expertise to support you in that endeavour. Most of our ideas are simple ones. Often they come from our external eyes finding positive things in your situation that are staring you in the face but you cannot see them. Want an example?

Like believing that all kids are cognitively capable – it is a matter of drawing that capability out of them rather than scripting stories that some have it and some don’t. Really? Try it and see what happens!

We developed that sort of expertise by dedicating our early careers to teaching, school leadership and improvement to weave together assessment, inquiry learning and evaluative capability. Those efforts improved things, but they drained many kids, teachers and leaders as they were asked to work harder and longer to succeed.

We tipped things upside down in our contribution to the Learning and Change Networks strategy. Our design and facilitation invited 57 networks involving 350 schools and communities to find the obvious positive things and used them in creative ways to grow fabulous learning environments in which all kids succeed.